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          We encourage you to explore the free resources, tools, and professional support services available as part of the ishadowa program and #TakeThatStep initiative. Homewood Health is a lead partner, and people in Canada can be instantly connected to virtual mental health services, from a five-minute self-assessment, to extensive support and resources, to live phone, video or text counselling with a mental health professional or crisis responder. 

          As part of the initiative, Wellness Together Canada has partnered with Canadian multidisciplinary artist Jacquie Comrie to design a Vans limited-edition shoe that is being distributed to public figures across Canada to share their own stories about mental health and inspire others.

          Find out more by visiting or call shadowdersocks下载


          Good health has many aspects. Homewood Health delivers a continuum of mental health and addiction services that is unique in Canada for its breadth, quality, integration, and most importantly, results. We are focused on achieving and sustaining the optimal health of Canadians and the organizations they work for.

          Homewood Health Centre

          The strength of Homewood Health is anchored in the medical credibility that comes from over 130 years of clinical practice and patient care, founded on our commitment to research and innovation. Our fully accredited facility located in Guelph, Ontario has received numerous awards and is home to 300 beds dedicated to mental health and addiction treatment.

          Accreditation Seals

          The clinical information presented here is not intended as a diagnosis. It is for information purposes only and Homewood Health Centre does not warrant its accuracy. Should specific concerns arise with respect to your health or the health of a family member, please see your family physician or visit the local emergency department. This is a Canadian website. Its content is intended only for residents of Canada.

          “The entire staff at Homewood has given me a second opportunity at life. It was a life-saving experience that will always be treasured. My life is not over—it is starting on a new, clean page.”

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